It’s not your fault …

Did you know that some people sell and make money all day long in network marketing and coaching  while other people, no matter how hard they try can’t seem to make a dime marketing their products and services online?

I just want you to know that it’s not your fault if you have not succeeded as a coach, network marketer, affiliate marketer, or direct sales professional because there is a secret to marketing online that most people never figure out!

In fact, there’s a real reason why some people are so attractive in the online world and some people are so repulsive and there’s a reason why, if this is you, that you’re not making any money.

It’s why I didn’t make money online … at first …

Back in 2011, I left a great job to pursue my own business as an “online” health coach selling transformative phone sessions with people, and after six months of marketing online, I had used up almost all of my savings and was thinking about whether I needed to go back to work. I searched all over for a solution so I didn’t have to go back to living in an office.

That’s when I made an amazing discovery.

It was 2 a.m. when I opened up my inbox and found an invitation to a marketing event in Atlanta from a business coach I respected. With very little money left to my name, I bought an airplane ticket and flew to Atlanta where I learned  a step-by-step process for how to attract my ideal clients online, and build a 6-figure business. With the help of my mentors, I created a six-figure online coaching business in less than two years.

In fact, I was so successful at coaching, that I had TOO MANY clients! And that’s when I was introduced to network marketing as a way to leverage my time, and stop the seasonal roller coaster of inconsistent income in my business.

Residual income is fun!

I’ll be honest. I love the coaching industry and I love the network marketing industry. They both offer what most change makers and online entrepreneurs say they want.

Which is …

The opportunity to build wealth on their own terms, create true time freedom, make a positive impact in the world, help change people’s lives, and become a better person. However, most coaches will never break free from working hours for dollars. And most network marketers won’t make enough money to quit their jobs.

In this blog, I’m sharing with you what really works in both industries, after having tested marketing and sales strategies and getting to know the leaders in both industries.

Just so you know … the way I earn most of my money right now is as a sales consultant to 7-figure coaches, helping them build sales teams and leverage their time online. At the same time I’m GROWING my team in my network marketing business and my intention is to go from nearly 0 to 6 figures in one year in that industry AS WELL.

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I’ll do my best to help you in whatever time we have.

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Thanks for being here and I’m looking forward to staying in touch and sharing some very valuable business success strategies with YOU.