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The Next New Thing: FB Messenger Marketing

by Janelle Holden

I’ve spent the weekend geeking out on a new course that I just bought. It’s all about the NEW THING in marketing: Facebook Messenger Marketing.

Last year it was Facebook Live.

This year it’s bots.

Now, I’m not particularly a new adopter. I am usually a LATE adopter.

But that has cost me in business. In fact, not keeping up with new technology and waiting until other people master it and then learning it has kept me in a state of feeling perpetually BEHIND.

Don’t you hate that feeling?

So, that’s why I bought this course.

Even though I’m not a huge fan of bots, and I’m usually skeptical of the “new thing” in marketing, I do recognize that email marketing open rates are going down, and there is a saturation point with email marketing.

People are more likely to text or use messenger now to communicate. Unless they are older, and then they favor email more heavily.

Hence, I see the value in learning how to engage with with people where they are at, automatically, without losing the human element. Which FB Messenger Marketing offers!

And, by the way, I’m totally loving this course. I’m only through Module 2 of 50 Modules and feel like I can’t put it down!

Here’s the video I just made about it, and you can click here to read a blog post about how the FB Messenger Marketing works.

I’m not sure when it will be open again for purchase, but if it is, I will share it here for you to check out as well.

***Side note – I am an affiliate of the makers of the product and will get a small commission for purchases, and you certainly can buy it elsewhere, but for those people who purchase from my link, I will provide a support package.***


Pitch Anything Advanced Training With Oren Klaff

by Janelle Holden

In March I invested in a sales training with Oren Klaff, the bestselling author of the sales book Pitch Anything.

I invested a lot to be there because I want to learn from the best!

And he’s definitely the best in his space.

He helps companies raise millions of dollars and sell their big ideas to investors.

And now he helps the rest of us share our own big ideas on a daily basis.

I picked up his book a couple of months ago based on an Amazon recommendation (no kidding) and immediately went, “Wow – this is awesome.”

It was fresh. Unusual.

For instance, most sales books usually teach, “Always Be Closing,” and he teaches, “Always Be Leaving.”

He follows 3 Axioms:

1. People want what they can’t have.
2. People chase that which moves away from them.
3. People only value what they pay for.

In other words, make yourself the prize.

Don’t make your customer the prize.

Otherwise you’ll end up chasing people!

So, I was one of 25 people who got to do the training in San Diego (they had 200 applicants) and he agreed to let me share my comprehensive notes with you.

Here is the link to my notes from the training.

Companies literally pay him $50k plus to develop powerpoint presentations (which he calls PitchDecks) for them to present their big ideas to potential investors.

It’s kinda crazy. $50k for a powerpoint?

But the reason why they do that is because he’s cracked-the-code on how to present your idea in 6 minutes or less and have people want to work with you.

Click here for my Google Doc notes.

You’ll find ideas there on what to say when people ask you how much your product or service costs, how to structure a 6-minute pitch, how to send cold emails, words never to say in a sales call, and the keys to storytelling in marketing.

I hope you get a lot out of it (and go read the book too).

Janelle Holden is a business strategist, sales consultant, and life-long learner who blogs about business, life, and storytelling. To get more good stuff from Janelle write her an email @ Janelle AT and ask her to put you on her invitation-only newsletter list.

Content for your next blog post

by Janelle Holden

I’m currently reading The Content Code by Mark W. Schaefer. Today, I read something from it that will help all of us differentiate ourselves from the masses. Thought I’d share:

The most important characteristic of content marketing today is not quality or quantity. It’s insight. And that is the differentiator lacking almost everywhere.”

What do I take from that? Provide your unique insight on your blog, in your YouTube feed, and wherever you are at. Let YOU shine.


5 Ways To Bond With Your List

by Janelle Holden

What to write? What to write? This is the question that troubles most marketers. This is why we have so much noise on social media and email these days. This is why people click “unsubscribe.”

I’ve been learning from one of the best copywriters in the business, Diane Hochman, about the types of newsletters to send that will truly bond people to you. Thought I’d share what I’m learning in case it helps you figure out, “what to write” too. All of these are separate types of emails, so you don’t have to include all-in-one, just choose one and write based on that.

  1. Curation: This is where you go out into the world and find something cool to share with people. Not something cool for them to buy (although it could be) – just something cool to listen to, watch, or read that you love and has helped you personally. Think, book review, or movie review, or podcast review.
  2. Invitation: When you know you’re going somewhere (either online or offline) then invite people to attend! That’s it. That’s all you have to do in the newsletter.
  3. Telling A Story: Tell a story about your life that is relevant to your audience and share a lesson learned from it. You’ll get an A+ if there is a cliffhanger and some drama involved that will keep people reading. The reader should feel closer to you because of the story.
  4. Results: Share the results of someone in your life (preferably a customer or a team member) and what you watched them accomplish and why it was such a big deal. Recognize success.
  5. Love Letter: Tell your list that you are thankful for them, love them, and why you want them in your life. Let you know why you appreciate them. Send them something cool as a gift (without any strings attached).


What I’m learning right now …

by Janelle Holden

I’m old-fashioned. I believe a blog is actually supposed to be  what it used to be: A Web Log.

In other words, I like writing about what is happening NOW in my business. Real-time. So you can learn as I make mistakes. Ha ha.

So, here’s what I’m doing right now.

I’m learning about Twitter from Terry Gremeaux over @ The Hashtag Hunters. He’s teaching me a daily method of operation for Twitter, including how to automate great posts, and connect with like-minded people.

I’m learning about Email Marketing from Diane Hochman over @ She’s teaching me how to build a HOT list without spending a dime on advertisement and what to write to them every day that will bond us like glue.

I’m learning about Coaching from Christian Mickelsen over @ I’m taking his Rapid Coaching Academy to brush up on my coaching skills and get a certification from someone I truly respect.

I spend an hour to an hour and a half a day on training and learning new skills, and then several hours applying what I’m learning. It’s a habit I plan to continue for the rest of my life. There is always good stuff to learn.

What are you learning right now? Leave what you’re learning in the comments below.

Janelle Holden is a social media strategist, sales maven, and outdoor enthusiast. She loves building an international business from a small town in Montana. 

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