by Janelle Holden

I’ve spent the weekend geeking out on a new course that I just bought. It’s all about the NEW THING in marketing: Facebook Messenger Marketing.

Last year it was Facebook Live.

This year it’s bots.

Now, I’m not particularly a new adopter. I am usually a LATE adopter.

But that has cost me in business. In fact, not keeping up with new technology and waiting until other people master it and then learning it has kept me in a state of feeling perpetually BEHIND.

Don’t you hate that feeling?

So, that’s why I bought this course.

Even though I’m not a huge fan of bots, and I’m usually skeptical of the “new thing” in marketing, I do recognize that email marketing open rates are going down, and there is a saturation point with email marketing.

People are more likely to text or use messenger now to communicate. Unless they are older, and then they favor email more heavily.

Hence, I see the value in learning how to engage with with people where they are at, automatically, without losing the human element. Which FB Messenger Marketing offers!

And, by the way, I’m totally loving this course. I’m only through Module 2 of 50 Modules and feel like I can’t put it down!

Here’s the video I just made about it, and you can click here to read a blog post about how the FB Messenger Marketing works.

I’m not sure when it will be open again for purchase, but if it is, I will share it here for you to check out as well.

***Side note – I am an affiliate of the makers of the product and will get a small commission for purchases, and you certainly can buy it elsewhere, but for those people who purchase from my link, I will provide a support package.***


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