by Janelle Holden

Just because you’re “broke” doesn’t mean you are broken.

Your bank account never reflects your true worth.

You are actually priceless.

All of your past mistakes only happened to make your future success inevitable.

Forgive yourself.

Everyone makes mistakes.

This is only temporary.

Belief is everything.

You can turn things around in an instant if you believe you can.

Look for the good in your present circumstances.

Ask for help. Ask for help. Ask for help.




Take Care of Yourself.

Talk to someone who truly cares about you and be REAL with them.

Read uplifting and inspiring books.

Turn off the news.

Participate in social events.

Know that you’re not the only one.

You’re also not alone in this.

Many people have been where you are.

You’re not helpless.

Even though it feels that way.

You’re not a victim.

Even though it’s easy to play the blame game.

YOU are infinitely powerful.

Be open to RECEIVING in any form.

Take inspired action.

Know there is always a way.

Know that you are loved.


 Allow abundance from every direction.

Feel better. Feel better. Feel better.

— Your biggest fan

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