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If you’re noticing a new wave of people using Facebook Live recently, it’s for a very good reason. Facebook is prioritizing Live Stream video over all other mediums (text and images) and that means that you’re getting exposure on your personal page that you may not have had for years.

Up until recently, Live Stream was only available for ios phones, but now it’s open to everyone! But the people who are going to benefit the most are network marketers and home based business owners because it plays to our strengths of connecting and engaging with people.

People buy from those that they know, like, and trust and Facebook Live is a great way to increase your know, like, and trust factor immediately. It’s also a great place to demonstrate how you use your products, take people into your world and show them why you love your home based business, and offer great information for people who are interested in learning more about what you do.

You can use Facebook Live on your personal page, your fan page, in private groups, and even in events (which is my newest favorite thing ever). If you’d like to know more about what to say and how to engage your audience, I’ve got a free training that you’ll love that comes with a PDF download. Just click here to get your FREE Facebook LIVE Training and pdf that has all the tips and tricks you need to feel confident to go live TODAY and see results.

Janelle Holden assists other home based business owners with social media tips so that they can generate leads online, grow their teams, and become more profitable doing what they love to do. To get your FREE Facebook LIVE training from Janelle, just click here. 


by Janelle Holden

Have you ever been frustrated by the speed of your results? You’ve been working hard on your business, but nothing seems to be working? You feel like you’ve tried everything and it hasn’t produced the results you are looking for?

In this video I share why delay does not equal defeat, particularly in business. Businesses take time to grow. You have to water and tend and feed them every day, or they won’t flourish. If you are getting inconsistent results, it’s likely you’re taking inconsistent actions and that is delaying your results.

Many people who run businesses have old programming running through their minds that say they aren’t worthy of success or can’t achieve success. But all of that is not true. If you stay consistent, if you refuse to accept defeat, and if you keep on going you will find a way to achieve the success you are looking for.

Janelle Holden helps home based business owners with social media strategies, leadership, and mindset so that they can grow their teams quickly and achieve the financial and time freedom they are looking or. If your upline doesn’t have a blueprint for your success online, book a tea time with Janelle to get your own blueprint and create your business breakthrough. 

3 Apps To Make Inspirational Quotes Quickly For Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

By Janelle Holden

People love to be inspired, but is it worth your time to inspire them?

The simple answer is yes.

If you’re creating your own brand on social media and leading others, then inspiration should be a part of your everyday brand because people will see you as a leader if you inspire them.

However, it’s not worth spending hours making pretty quotes for people to look at. You won’t build your business with quotes alone, and you can waste a lot of time making quotes come to life if you’re not careful.

So, the first step is to decide whether you have something you already know you want to share with your followers, or you’re trying to find inspiring content to share.

There are different applications that can help you solve both problems. Choose your own adventure below.

  1. I have something to say. I want to put it on a beautiful image and share it with people quickly and easily. Use . It’s a desktop application that has free layouts and templates with images ready for you to plug your quote into. The other thing I love about Canva is they have individual templates to size your image appropriately for each social media site, so if you want to create a Facebook event, or a Facebook post, the templates will automatically be sized for each one. Here’s an example of a Canva Post:certainty
  2. I have something to say. I want to put it on a sticky note background so that my followers will be able to easily read it and follow instructions. Use . They give you sticky note colors and different fonts to use for your text so that they text stands out and people can read it clearly. Plus, you can play with the different images they give you after you hit “create” and find something interesting there too. Here are two examples (plain post and from the create image):fKYsRDgVI3AAAACV0RVh0ZGF0ZTpjcmVhdGUAMjAxNS0xMC0xM1QwMDo1NTo1OC0wNzowMF0GEFkAAAAldEVYdGRhdGU6bW9kaWZ5ADIwMTQtMTAtMTZUMjM6MjE6NDYtMDc6MDChy3dqAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC11_tote1
  3. I have nothing that I can think of to say, but I’d like to inspire others. Use the WordSwag App for your phone. It’s my new favorite! They give you motivational quotes and photos and beautiful fonts. Yes, I paid $4 for it, but it’s been worth it because of the amount of time it has saved me. I can put an inspirational quote up on all of my sites within minutes. Here’s an example of one I created in 5 minutes this morning: 14359026_10210053223624662_5043470604115752113_n

There are many more apps out there, but these are my go-to apps to make inspiration fun, easy, and FAST!

Janelle Holden home business owners how to use social media to attract new customers and team members so that they never have to worry about going to another boring networking meeting again. Click here to get her FREE Instagram cheat sheet and get leads TODAY on Instagram. 


by Janelle Holden

Quick question for you. Have you ever felt stuck in your business or in your life because you feel like you don’t know what to do next?

Business overwhelm is all too common, and usually people stop their own progress by waiting for other people to tell them what to do next or give them the roadmap to move forward.

But the thing is, we don’t have time to wait, so here are 3 steps to get unstuck and move forward much more quickly in your business.

  1. Ban the words, “I don’t know” from your vocabulary. Those words are disempowering, not true, and will keep you stuck in overwhelm. Start saying, “I can learn the answer” instead or “I may not know right this second, but the answer is coming to me.”
  2. Follow your own intuition. Ask yourself, “If I did know the answer to how to move forward, then what would I do?” Follow whatever advice you give yourself first! You have all the answers inside of you. All you need to do is to trust yourself and your own intuition. If you do this every day you’ll move forward more rapidly than you could imagine.
  3. Use the resources you have available to you. Chances are you have courses, websites, YouTube videos, and all sorts of resources available at your fingertips that will answer your questions. Go to your favorite trusted resource, or even do a Google search to find out (hey, I even won a trip to Australia googling “win a trip to Australia” so don’t doubt the power of Google).

Want another resource for how to use what’s inside of you to make a massive impact?

Learn how to tell your story!

Click the link below and watch this massive FREE training. Your marketing life WILL change…

= =>

Janelle Holden is a Success Coach for coaches, consultants, home business owners, and solopreneurs. Get free coaching live on her Facebook feed every morning by clicking here. 

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