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How To Fuel Your Business Hustle: 3 Ways To Boost Your Energy And Boost Your Sales!

How To Fuel Your Business Hustle

So you want to know how to fuel your business hustle?

In this blog post I am going to share exactly how I am able to naturally boost my energy everyday and thus, boost my sales.

Have you ever heard these two phrases:

  1. Highest Energy Wins!
  2. It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It?

They are true!

Your energy has an immense influence on your sales.

That’s why having a high energy when you’re speaking to people about your products and services is SO Important.

What this video and I will explain in detail my morning ritual for energy boosting, my nutrition secrets for maintaining my energy, and the one thing every entrepreneur MUST do to keep their energy high all the time.

How To Fuel Your Business Hustle: 3 Ways To Boost Your Energy And Boost Your Sales!

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Janelle Holden

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An Open Letter To The “Broke” Entrepreneur

by Janelle Holden

Just because you’re “broke” doesn’t mean you are broken.

Your bank account never reflects your true worth.

You are actually priceless.

All of your past mistakes only happened to make your future success inevitable.

Forgive yourself.

Everyone makes mistakes.

This is only temporary.

Belief is everything.

You can turn things around in an instant if you believe you can.

Look for the good in your present circumstances.

Ask for help. Ask for help. Ask for help.




Take Care of Yourself.

Talk to someone who truly cares about you and be REAL with them.

Read uplifting and inspiring books.

Turn off the news.

Participate in social events.

Know that you’re not the only one.

You’re also not alone in this.

Many people have been where you are.

You’re not helpless.

Even though it feels that way.

You’re not a victim.

Even though it’s easy to play the blame game.

YOU are infinitely powerful.

Be open to RECEIVING in any form.

Take inspired action.

Know there is always a way.

Know that you are loved.


 Allow abundance from every direction.

Feel better. Feel better. Feel better.

— Your biggest fan

Setting Healthy Boundaries In Business

by Janelle Holden

I’m currently reading “The Disease To Please” by Harriet B. Braiker and it’s been an eye-opener.

I’m learning that I’m a recovering approval addict, which means that setting boundaries in my work life has most often been challenging for me.

Want me to work on the weekends? No problem. Answer your email at midnight? Absolutely! Can’t pay me in full? That’s okay, I can wait.

The best I ever did at setting boundaries was when I took a new job after a total adrenal burnout, and I literally couldn’t work at the same pace I was used to, so I said internally, “I’m only working office hours, and if I have to work a weekend I will take a day off during the week to compensate.”

Not only that, but I told everyone in the office I only checked email (and responded) twice a day, and if something was truly an emergency they could ring my cell phone to reach me.

I was firm. I got my work done during normal hours. I never worked late, and people asked me all the time how I was so efficient and organized.

For two years, I thought I had recovered, and then I started my own business, and I worked like a dog trying to keep up with my marketing and my clients (which led to burnout again), can you see the pattern here?

Since starting over, I’m noticing how easy it is for me to try to please my clients, customers, and team, versus really setting strong boundaries and sticking to them.

Most recently, I’ve had a string of experiences where I haven’t been paid the sales commissions I expected, nor was I paid on time. And it made me angry, very angry.

My mind and body coach (she’s awesome) tells me that anger shows up when we need to set stronger boundaries because something has been violated. It’s also coming up when we are tolerating the intolerable.

In business, a mentor of mine said you only get what you tolerate, and he was right. So, the way to set your boundaries in business is to KNOW without a shadow of a doubt, your rules. What you won’t tolerate, and what you will.

Here are mine.

  • I won’t tolerate being paid late or incorrectly (by a company or an individual).
  • I won’t tolerate tardiness (I end calls at 5 min. after if the person is late).
  • I won’t tolerate rudeness or disrespect (this includes people hopping on the phone with me when they should really be driving, parenting, or doing something else).
  • I won’t take calls on weekends or answer client emails.
  • I won’t take calls before 9 a.m. because I’m not at my best.
  • I won’t tolerate being unprepared. I prepare for every meeting (so should you).
  • I won’t tolerate taking on too much and saying yes to everything.

So, how about you? What won’t you tolerate anymore? Leave a comment with your best boundary setting tip so that all of us can learn from your experience.

Janelle Holden is an online business strategist who tolerates only the best people, clients, projects, and friends in her life. You can have a free chat with Janelle by clicking here (but make sure you’re on time). 

8 Loving Habits To Make Your Business Success Inevitable

by Janelle Holden

img_20170214_100638_629For Valentine’s Day, I give you habits of love that will make your business success inevitable.

  1. Reflect On Your Life Daily – Spend at least 20-30 minutes of quiet time without distractions to think about and reflect on your life. Open up your mind and just think, analyze, visualize, and dream. Ask yourself, “What am I capable of?” and “What are my strengths?” and “Where do I want to be in 5 years, 10 years, and 20 years?” Then write down whatever comes up in a journal where you can go back and re-read your hopes, visions, dreams, and goals.
  2. Become A True Optimist – Let’s face it. Life isn’t always candy hearts and roses, but you can liberate yourself from the negative. Make a habit of finding the positive in every situation. Many of life’s failures will bring you one step closer to success. Look for the good in everything and everyone.
  3. Set A Wildly Improbable Goal – Set a goal that makes your heart sing just thinking about it. The more wildly improbable, the better. Want to climb Mount Everest? Add that to the list. Always wanted to travel the world? Make it a goal. Want to have a business that runs itself while you sip pina coladas on the beach? You can do it. Just decide that’s what you want, and set your goal.
  4. Define Your Role Models – Define who your role models are. Then look for those people in your life and model your behaviors and life views after theirs. Try “being” them for one day and see how it uplevels your life.
  5. Be Grateful – Write down your daily gratitudes and challenge yourself to find new ones every day. Truly appreciate your life in its current form and say out loud the words “Thank You” to acknowledge all of the goodness that has poured into your life from the moment you drew your first breath.
  6. Become A Life-Long Learner – Commit to learning something new every day. Read. Listen to podcasts and audiobooks. Watch videos. Attend webinars. Choose to add value to yourself and your knowledge base. Then make sure and go and implement what you learn.
  7. Embrace Yourself – Love yourself like a parent loves a child. Say kind things to yourself. Encourage yourself. Accept who you are and your unique point of view. And then be willing to change in a dynamic way that takes into account your true values.
  8. Reverse Engineer Your Goal – Look at what it will take monthly, weekly, and daily to reach your goal. Take action from the small steps you outline that will get you to your goal. Make your own road to success and then walk down that path.

Janelle Holden is an online marketing and sales consultant who helps people in the transformation industries (coaching, network marketing, and change making), automate their marketing and turn on the fun and profit factor in their lives. 


by Janelle Holden

Have you ever been frustrated by the speed of your results? You’ve been working hard on your business, but nothing seems to be working? You feel like you’ve tried everything and it hasn’t produced the results you are looking for?

In this video I share why delay does not equal defeat, particularly in business. Businesses take time to grow. You have to water and tend and feed them every day, or they won’t flourish. If you are getting inconsistent results, it’s likely you’re taking inconsistent actions and that is delaying your results.

Many people who run businesses have old programming running through their minds that say they aren’t worthy of success or can’t achieve success. But all of that is not true. If you stay consistent, if you refuse to accept defeat, and if you keep on going you will find a way to achieve the success you are looking for.

Janelle Holden helps home based business owners with social media strategies, leadership, and mindset so that they can grow their teams quickly and achieve the financial and time freedom they are looking or. If your upline doesn’t have a blueprint for your success online, book a tea time with Janelle to get your own blueprint and create your business breakthrough. 

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