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Pitch Anything Advanced Training With Oren Klaff

by Janelle Holden

In March I invested in a sales training with Oren Klaff, the bestselling author of the sales book Pitch Anything.

I invested a lot to be there because I want to learn from the best!

And he’s definitely the best in his space.

He helps companies raise millions of dollars and sell their big ideas to investors.

And now he helps the rest of us share our own big ideas on a daily basis.

I picked up his book a couple of months ago based on an Amazon recommendation (no kidding) and immediately went, “Wow – this is awesome.”

It was fresh. Unusual.

For instance, most sales books usually teach, “Always Be Closing,” and he teaches, “Always Be Leaving.”

He follows 3 Axioms:

1. People want what they can’t have.
2. People chase that which moves away from them.
3. People only value what they pay for.

In other words, make yourself the prize.

Don’t make your customer the prize.

Otherwise you’ll end up chasing people!

So, I was one of 25 people who got to do the training in San Diego (they had 200 applicants) and he agreed to let me share my comprehensive notes with you.

Here is the link to my notes from the training.

Companies literally pay him $50k plus to develop powerpoint presentations (which he calls PitchDecks) for them to present their big ideas to potential investors.

It’s kinda crazy. $50k for a powerpoint?

But the reason why they do that is because he’s cracked-the-code on how to present your idea in 6 minutes or less and have people want to work with you.

Click here for my Google Doc notes.

You’ll find ideas there on what to say when people ask you how much your product or service costs, how to structure a 6-minute pitch, how to send cold emails, words never to say in a sales call, and the keys to storytelling in marketing.

I hope you get a lot out of it (and go read the book too).

Janelle Holden is a business strategist, sales consultant, and life-long learner who blogs about business, life, and storytelling. To get more good stuff from Janelle write her an email @ Janelle AT and ask her to put you on her invitation-only newsletter list.

How to talk to more people who WANT to hear about your business

by Janelle Holden

Are you looking for more people to talk to about your business opportunity, product, or service? Does it feel like there are only crickets responding to you?

Well, I know how you feel and in this video I’m going to share how to create HOT leads for your business, which simply means, how to have people on the edge of their seat wanting to hear more about what you do and what you have to offer. People who are prepared to BUY, not just window shop.

Take a listen.

Janelle Holden is a social media strategist, business coach, kick ass sales closer, and serial entrepreneur who helps business owners make more money online. To get her “I tell you the real truth about the industry” newsletter with more lead generation tips for your business, click here. 

An Open Letter To The “Broke” Entrepreneur

by Janelle Holden

Just because you’re “broke” doesn’t mean you are broken.

Your bank account never reflects your true worth.

You are actually priceless.

All of your past mistakes only happened to make your future success inevitable.

Forgive yourself.

Everyone makes mistakes.

This is only temporary.

Belief is everything.

You can turn things around in an instant if you believe you can.

Look for the good in your present circumstances.

Ask for help. Ask for help. Ask for help.




Take Care of Yourself.

Talk to someone who truly cares about you and be REAL with them.

Read uplifting and inspiring books.

Turn off the news.

Participate in social events.

Know that you’re not the only one.

You’re also not alone in this.

Many people have been where you are.

You’re not helpless.

Even though it feels that way.

You’re not a victim.

Even though it’s easy to play the blame game.

YOU are infinitely powerful.

Be open to RECEIVING in any form.

Take inspired action.

Know there is always a way.

Know that you are loved.


 Allow abundance from every direction.

Feel better. Feel better. Feel better.

— Your biggest fan

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